All Senior Portraits + Baby picture for 2023-2024 Yearbook are due Sunday, March 31st, 2024. 


    • The deadline for submitting a senior portrait and/or baby picture to the yearbook is March 31st, 2024. Photographs and baby pictures submitted after this date are not guaranteed to be in the yearbook. If we do not receive your senior portrait, we may need to use your most current school ID photo so you are in the book. If no current ID photo is available, you will not be in the book. 


    • Submitting your photo:

      • You are responsible for submitting your photo via email.

      • To submit your photo by email, please send it to brgordon@auburn.wednet.edu with the subject line of the email

      • On the subject line, please write "(Student's Last Name, First Name) - Senior Photo."

      • You will get a response when we receive your email.



    It is EXTREMELY important that these guidelines below are followed to ensure your photo is in the yearbook.


    Auburn Mountainview High School Guidelines for Senior Portrait - PLEASE READ  

    The senior section is a semi-formal section of the yearbook and has restrictions so that it is consistent. When you find yourself asking "Is this picture OK for the yearbook?" ask if it is something you would include with a college or job resume.

    • Poses must be a traditional head & shoulder, moderate close-up with or without hands or arms.


    • Outdoor shots, need to be "out of focus" or Bokeh (soft focus/blurred) so that the focus is 100% on the student and not the background.

    • Color pictures only

    • Pictures should be 2x3 inches, 400 dpi or better

    • All students should dress in business casual or semi-formal.

      • Examples of this include:

        • ​Suit coat/jacket and tie (optional)

        • Collared shirts, blouse, sweater

      • The following do not meet the business casual guidelines and are not allowed:

        • No props or other enhancements in your portrait

        • ​No sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, tank tops, or bandanas


    Auburn Mountainview High School Guidelines for baby photos - PLEASE READ

    • It is very important that these guidelines are followed, or baby pictures may not be accepted for publication in the yearbook.
      • Pictures should be 2x3 inches, 400 dpi or better.  
      • Submit your photo to brgordon@auburn.wednet.edu with the subject line of the email as "the student's Last Name, First Name - Senior Baby Pic"