• Running Start Information Below:

    New Running Start Students only: Click Here For Running Start Presentation. Please be sure you fill out the Exit Ticket at the end of the presentation. This is a must before making an appointment with your counselor.

    Running Start Informational Page
    The purpose of this page is to inform current Running Start students of upcoming AMHS related events that may be of importance to you. It is our hope this resource will assist you in effectively managing your time and high school/college workload.
    Check the AMHS Website at www.auburn.wednet.edu/amhs for Daily Bulletin and possible bell schedule changes under "Quick Links".
    Basic requirements/expectations for all Running Start students:
    • You will meet with your counselor in October, January, and May to obtain your EVF Authorization form for each college quarter by appointment only made through the Counselor's Calendly link.

    A-CO Karla Motta kmotta@auburn.wednet.edu Schedule an appointment https://calendly.com/kmotta29

    Cr-Jag Sharon Wright  shwright@auburn.wednet.edu Schedule an appointment https://calendly.com/shwright

    Jam-Moo Melissa Lemanski  mlemanski@auburn.wednet.edu Schedule an appointment calendly.com/melissalemanski

    Mor-Saw Megan Serna mserna@auburn.wednet.edu Schedule an appointment https://calendly.com/meganserna/student_meeting

    Sch-Z Sara Brauner sbrauner@auburn.wednet.edu Schedule an appointment  https://calendly.com/sbrauner-amhs

    • Absences/tardies at AMHS caused by bell schedule changes must be excused by a parent.

    Additional expectations for Seniors attending Running Start students earning an AMHS diploma:

    • Senior portfolio deadlines will be met in order to obtain your authorization form for the upcoming quarter's class registration.
    • Classes required for graduation will be taken and passed in the Fall or Winter quarter.
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    Click here for the Running Start process at Green River