• Transfers/Waivers: We are currently not accepting any New waivers for the 2023/2024 school year. Be on the look out for waivers to go live for the 2024/2025 school year in the middle of March.

    Thank you.


    If your student does not reside within the Auburn Mountainview High School boundary, you will need to

    complete a:

        Resident Transfer (for students residing within the Auburn School District)

        Non-Resident Transfer (students who reside in a neighboring school district) and Choice Transfer. 

     All NEW Transfers must include current:

    Attendance records

    Discipline records


      2023-2024 Waiver

    Once a Waiver/Transfer and supporting records are received, they will be presented to an AMHS Administrator for review and then sent to the Auburn School District Office for final review.  This process may take a few days or up to a few weeks.  Families will be notified if their request has been approved or denied.



  • Resident Transfer - for Students who live within the Auburn School District

    Students who live within the Auburn School District can apply for a Resident Transfer to attend another school within the Auburn School District.  Submit completed applications to the requested school. Once approved or denied, the parent/guardian will be notified. 

    Transfer requests are available at the start of each school year and at the semester.  They are not approved for mid-year transfers.

    The student may remain at the school, without reapplying each year, as long as attendance, grades and behavior are satisfactory.

    Students must submit a new application when moving to a new school if the new school is also outside their resident boundary area.


  • Non-Resident Transfer and Choice Transfer Request- for Students Who Live Outside the Auburn School District

    If a student lives outside the district, they may attend Auburn schools with an approved Non-Resident Transfer and a Choice Transfer request. The parent/guardian must complete a Choice Transfer Request (release of attendance from resident school district).  This release is available online through the Choice Transfer Request Portal, or by contacting your resident school district for paperwork.  Choice Transfer paperwork needs to be returned to your resident school district (ie. Kent, Renton, etc.) for processing. Once the Choice Transfer paperwork has been submitted, a Non-Resident waiver will need to be filled out and returned to Auburn Mountainview to be reviewed. Once granted, the parent or guardian will be notified. Students who are Non-Residents of the Auburn School District must follow this procedure each school year.  

    1.  Choice Transfer Request - to be released from your assigned school district

    Choice Transfer Request link

    2. Auburn School District Non-Resident Transfer form 

    2023-2024 Non-Resident Waiver  ** New Transfer applications must include Current Grades, Attendance, Discipline, and AMHS Contract**


  • If you find that you need assistance completing an Enrollment, Waiver or Transfer, please be sure to contact Mrs. Brux in the Guidance Office at 253-804-4548, or send her an email at cbrux@auburn.wednet.edu.