•  Getting Started on an Enrollment:

    All students will need to complete Enrollment paperwork to attend a school in the Auburn School District.  Students are placed in schools based on their home address.  The enrollment paperwork is Online and available by printing off the Enrollment packet.

    Online Enrollment

    *If you need assistance with other languages, please contact Mrs. Brux in the AMHS Guidance Office for interpreter services.

    Students will need to have medically verified Immunization Records.  If you reside in Washington State, and your student has had immunizations here, you will be able to print off an Immunization Report from the Washington State Department of Health link.  

    If you are coming from another state, you can link to other state's Immunization Records through the CDC Website.


  • If you find that you need assistance completing an Enrollment, Waiver or Transfer, please be sure to contact Mrs. Brux in the Counseling Office at 253-804-4548, or send her an email at cbrux@auburn.wednet.edu.