• 2014 Earth Heroes at School Awards
    Alaura Keith, Lakeland Hills Elementary School
    Alaura initiated her school's participation in the King County Green Schools Program. She has involved students, staff and parents in reducing waste, collecting recyclable and compostable materials, and conserving energy. The school has a recycling rate of 64 percent and has seen an 11 percent decrease in energy use. Lakeland Hills is working toward Level Three of the Green Schools Program.
    Laine Lenihan, Olympic Middle School
    Laine developed a six-week-long Earth and Human Impact unit aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. The unit, which covers topics under air, land, water and energy, will be used in the eighth grade science curriculum in the Auburn School District. Laine is also the advisor to the Olympic Middle School Green Team, which volunteers at many city-sponsored environmental events.
    Vinnette Lang, Ilalko Elementary School
    Among the many projects Vinnette has undertaken over the past six years are co-founding the PTA's Green Team, organizing the school's TerraCycle Brigade, starting the student Green Team, providing environmental education resources to the Ilalko school community, and writing a monthly Green Team article. Vinnette also organized  the annual city-wide holiday lights recycling event. 

    2012 Earth Heroes at School Award
    Angi Jeffries, a custodian at Lea Hill Elementary School in Auburn, was named a 2012 Earth Hero at School by the Office of King County Executive Ron Sims. Ms. Jeffries was nominated by her principal, Ed Herda, for involving the school and empowering the students to take an active role in protecting our natural resources.
    Angi Jeffries Earth Hero at School Award
    Lea Hill students are cutting down on waste after learning about the four words, “reuse, reduce, recycle and rethink,” at a King County Solid Waste Division school-wide assembly.
    Students use lunchroom recycling and waste stations to sort their food scraps, waste (any non-food or non-recycling items), and recyclable items such as milk cartons into the appropriate containers during lunch.
    Ms. Jeffries ensures students sort accurately, and she transfers the recyclables, compost and waste to their respective pick-up locations.
    Ms. Jeffries was honored at the 2012 Earth Heroes at School award ceremony on April 26, 2012 in Renton.
    The Earth Heroes at School Program celebrates students, teachers, staff and volunteers who implement projects at their school or beyond to protect the environment. Each year outstanding individuals, groups and programs in the county are recognized.