• Transfers and Waivers 
    Waivers for Students Who Live in the Auburn School District
    Students who live within the district can apply for a Waiver/Student Transfer Resident Request to attend another school in the district, if there is space available at the requested school. Submit completed applications to the principal at the school requested. Once granted, the parent or guardian is notified by the school.
    The student may remain at the school, without reapplying each year, as long as attendance, grades and behavior are satisfactory. Students must submit a new application when moving to a new school if the new school also is outside their resident boundary area.
    Waivers for Students Who Live Outside the Auburn School District
    If a student lives outside the district, they may attend Auburn schools if there is space available at the requested school; however, a Waiver/Student Transfer Non-Resident Request, along with a release from the student’s resident district must be completed. Both forms should be submitted to the principal at the school requested. Once granted, the parent or guardian is notified by the school. Students who are not residents of Auburn must follow this procedure annually.
    Releases to Attend a Non-Resident District
    A student living in the Auburn School District may attend a different public school district if space is available in the requested district /school. A release of attendance from the Auburn School District must be completed. You may submit a release of attendance through the Choice Transfer Request Portal, or by filling the Release of Attendance out and returning it via email to transfers@auburn.wednet.edu or returning it in person to the district office.
    Please Note
    Transfer requests may only take place at the beginning of a grading period, unless mutually agreed by both sending and receiving principals.
    At this time, please mail the waivers directly to the schools and/or email them to transfers@auburn.wednet.edu. For more information on Student Transfers, contact, Karen Bell, Tana Casad or Rhonda Larson at (253) 931-4712, or by e-mail at transfers@auburn.wednet.edu.