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  • All school meals (breakfast and lunch) include a choice of entrée, milk, and fresh fruit and vegetable bar. We do not have a free "milk only" program. If a student wishes to purchase a milk only to go with a meal from home, or wishes to purchase an extra milk, the cost is 50¢.

    Evening BBQ meals are $5 per person (regardless of age/grade) and includes water or milk.

    Charging Policy: Students will be able to charge up to $5.00, no charging for adults. Charges may not be made on an account that already has a negative balance. Adults, guests, non-enrolled ASD students may not charge. ASD Meal Charging Policy.

    *To receive a student priced meal, the student must currently be enrolled/attending in the Auburn School District.

Meal Prices for the 2018-19 School Year