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  • All school meals (breakfast and lunch) include a choice of entrée, milk, and fresh fruit and vegetable bar. We do not have a free "milk only" program. If a student wishes to purchase a milk only to go with a meal from home, or wishes to purchase an extra milk, the cost is 50¢.

    Evening BBQ meals are $5 per person (regardless of age/grade) and includes water or milk.

    Charging Policy: Students will be able to charge up to $5.00, no charging for adults. Charges may not be made on an account that already has a negative balance. Adults, guests, non-enrolled ASD students may not charge. ASD Meal Charging Policy.

    *To receive a student priced meal, the student must currently be enrolled/attending in the Auburn School District.

    Important information for families who qualify for Reduced meals:

    IF *Reduced:

    breakfast is free for all grades
    lunch is free for student in all grades

    * During the 2919-20 school year, students who qualify for reduced-price meals will receive both breakfast and lunch at no charge.  Child Nutrition Services will cover the reduced-price meals co-payment.

    SI es de precio *reducido:

    el desayuno es gratuito para todos los estudiantes
    el almuerzo es gratis para
      todos los estudiantes

    * Durante el año escolar 2019-2020, los estudiantes que califican para las comidas con precio reducido recibirán tanto el desayuno como el almuerzo sin cargo.  El Departamento de Servicios de Nutricion Infantil cubrirá el copago de las comidas con precio reducido.

Meal Prices for the 2018-19 School Year