• CNS Message from Director Web Banner - Kids with fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • On behalf of the Child Nutrition Department, I have the pleasure to say we look forward to serving your students in our school cafeterias. Every day, at every school, we offer nutritionally balanced breakfasts and lunches. All meals include a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables at the salad bar, milk and an entree.

    We incorporate whole grains (brown rice, whole-grain buns, pizza crusts, etc.) and select ingredients that are low in fat, sugar, sodium and are high in nutritional value and flavor. We continually seek out products that kids find appealing and plan menus to meet age appropriate USDA guidelines for total calories, vitamins and protein.

    Information about the updated meal-charging policy; applying for school-meal benefits; menu and nutritional information; meal prices and more can be found within our Child Nutrition Services site if you would like more details.

    • To help assure students are eating each day, the Child Nutrition Department allows students without funds the ability to charge up to $5. Parents/guardians are responsible to pay all negative balances. Our program is federally funded and is fiscally accountable for taxpayer dollars.
    • One of the time savers available for parents/guardians is the online application program. The online application process is secure and the application reaches us quickly - cutting down on the processing wait time. For more information about applying for school meal benefits, visit Applying for Free or Reduced-price Meals. If you wish to complete a paper application, you may pick one up in your child's school office. If you receive a letter letting you know a student(s) in your household has been qualified for school meal benefits for the 2018-19 school year, do not complete an application. If there is a student in your home not listed on the letter, do not complete an application for that student; call the Child Nutrition office to see if the student(s) can be added.
    • Another electronic tool that has been of benefit to families is the online payment option for school meals. This year the Child Nutrition department will be using TouchBase, so parents/guardians will log in using their Skyward Family Access login and password which is provided by your child's school. Prepaying meals helps assure your student always has money for school meals. When you choose to pay online, your deposit reaches the kitchen quickly (within about an hour of your deposit being confirmed).
    • Students access their meal account using their six-digit ID number. Please remind your student not to share his/her number with any other student. Since purchases and deposits are tracked by the student ID number, you can use Family Access to check your student's meal account balance or view meal purchases.
    • If you have questions about food substitutions or dietary restrictions, we invite you to speak to our Registered Dietician, Janis Campbell-Aikens. Should your student require a prescribed meal substitution, you can print the Request for Special Dietary Accommodations.
    • Get your Skyward Family Access login and password from office staff at the school your child attends. Skyward Family Access is to help serve families in many ways, you can: View menus and nutritional information; Apply for school-meal benefits and view eligibility; Prepay school meals; Access nutrition-related resources, and check attendance, grades and/or assignments.

    We welcome your questions about our meal program. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you visit our site throughout the year to see special announcements, access the resource page and more!


    Janis Campbell-Aikens, MBA, RDN, SNS, CD
    Director, Child Nutrition Services