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  • The Child Nutrition Services program is federally funded and is fiscally accountable for taxpayer dollars used by the program. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pay for student meals unless a free eligibility has been determined. The charging policy has been established to help assure each student eats lunch. Read the full Charging Policy.

    Elementary and Middle School Students

    • An elementary or middle school student who is without money in their account or comes to school without money for a school meal is allowed to charge up to $5.00.
    • A reminder is given to elementary teachers to be sent home with the student when the child is short on funds. The parent/guardian is obligated to pay that money back.
    • If a student exceeds the $5.00 negative balance, the kitchen staff will notify both elementary and middle school Principal and or Counselor along with the Child Nutrition Director who will attempt to contact the parent/guardian.

    High School Students

    • High school students who come to breakfast or lunch without funds or who have no money in their account may be allowed to charge up to $5.00. They will be reminded to bring money the next day. If a student exceeds the $5.00 negative balance, the kitchen staff will notify the Principal and/or Counselor and the Child Nutrition Director who will attempt to contact the parent/guardian.
    • Adults (staff members, guest and/or parents/guardians and/or students not currently enrolled in the Auburn School District do not have the option of charging.

    The Child Nutrition Services program aims to provide nutritious meals to Auburn School District students each and every school day. Students may receive breakfast and lunch at no cost if they qualify for free meals based on federal guidelines. Students who are waiting for paperwork to be processed and/or students who do not qualify for meal benefits may purchase meals at the regular price/paid rate.

    Parents/guardians must pay for meals, or send meals with their student, unless free or reduced priced meal benefits have been established. If a student qualifies for meal benefits, beginning on the effective date of eligibility, the price of the student's meals changes to either free or reduced price. Eligibility is not retroactive. Eligibility is good for the current school year.

    In an effort to keep parents/guardians apprised of meal account balances, we:

    • have established an automated phone message system that generates weekly contact with the parent/guardian of students who owe $1.50 or more on their account
    • offer an option for parents/guardians to set up notification (in their Skyward Family Access account) when their student's balance is below $5.00
    • send notices home with students, at the elementary level, when the student account becomes negative

    The District will make reasonable, discrete efforts to collect delinquent (overdue) unpaid meal charges, which is an allowable use of National School Food Service Account funds, and will coordinate communications with families to resolve the charges. Options may include collection agencies, small claim court or any other collection method permitted by law and consistent with the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.

    Studies show education is enhanced when students are well nourished. Please help us keep students healthy and happy. If you would like to donate to our in need student account or have child nutrition questions, please contact the Child Nutrition Services offices by:

    Phone: 253-931-4972




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    Child Nutrition Services
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