• Harvest of the Month Web Banner - Cornucopia with fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Washington Harvest of the Month Poster Each month, as part of Harvest of the Month Program, a different food item is featured.

    Whenever possible featured foods are obtained from local farmers, and organic fruit and vegetables are our preferred choice. Harvest of the Month gives students an opportunity to enjoy many items grown in Washington, some of them from right here in the Green River Valley!

    How can parents/guardians share in the Harvest of the Month experience?

    • Kids can look up facts about whole grains.

    • Look up fun facts about featured foods and talk about them!

    • Involve your student in shopping for, selecting and preparing seasonal foods in your home.  
    • Encourage your student to choose to eat school lunch on the day the Harvest of the Month food is featured (even if he/she does not usually eat school lunch). 

    Learning about different foods helps encourage students to expand their knowledge about how and where foods grow, and expand their palate by tasting new or different foods.  By linking the cafeterias with classrooms with educational materials that focus on the featured local food item that will be served each month, instructors have an opportunity to incorporate activities and open-ended exploration by students.  Educational packets promote math, science, health, reading, and gardening--centered around the featured food of the month.