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Special Nutritional Needs

  • It is our desire to provide students with the safest possible food environment. Together with teachers, nurses, and our Child Nutrition staff, we can create a plan to accommodate your student's special dietary needs.

    Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis when supported by a Request for Special Accommodations that is completed and signed by a recognized medical authority. Please note that completed Request for Special Dietary Accommodations forms are kept at the building/school and a copy is sent to Child Nutrition Services. Forms that do not meet federal guidelines for information or appropriate signatures will not be honored until completed correctly.

    Common allergens can be filtered using our Online Menus.

    NOTE: Product ingredients and menus may change without notice. Allergen information listed on this website or distributed by the school is not guaranteed to be reflective of what is actually served. The information is correct to the best of our knowledge, and is provided from manufacturer's labels and Auburn School District recipes. Manufacturers and distributors may change ingredients and substitute products without warning. It is not the intent of Child Nutrition Services to provide specific nutrition information for medical use. Additional resources, we hope you will find useful, are available for parents/guardians on the resources page of this site.