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  • Before completing the Online Registration Application (that will happen in Step 3), collect the following documents and fill out additional forms linked below. These are required to finalize your student's enrollment with the Auburn School District and can be uploaded and submitted electronically when you complete your student's Online Registration Application in the next step.


    • Proof of residency
    • Medically verifiable Immunization Records
    • Previous school information including:
      • Report card (grades 1-8) or transcripts
        (grades 9-12) from previous schools
      • Withdrawal grades
      • Attendance
      • Discipline
    • For students who receive special services,
      a copy of their current IEP or 504 Plan
      and current/recent evaluation.

    For Kindergarten ONLY:
    Students must be five (5) by August 31.

    • Proof of Age - Acceptable documents include,
      but are not limited to: birth certificate, passport, visa, Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Medicaid voucher, baptismal certificate, adoption decree, immunization record, hospital or physician's certificate. If you are unable to provide a document listed above, please contact your school office to review other alternative documents.


    • Residency Verification Form
    • Certificate of Immunization Status
    • Student Health History
    • Home Language Survey
    • If needed: Student Housing Questionnaire
    • Attendance Policies

    Download a packet of these fillable PDF forms in your selected language:




    (Coming soon in: Russian, Marshallese)

    Upon completion, save the file to your computer.  You will need to upload this during the online registration process.  You will log in to start that process on the next screen.  Please proceed to step 3.


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