• In 2016, the ASD Board of Directors adopted policy 0050 Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity. The district developed procedures to support this policy that include use of the Racial Equity Protocol.

    The Racial Equity Protocol consists of five questions that are to be used as the district or schools are developing programs/plans in business or instructional areas.

    Individuals and teams should apply a five-question racial equity analysis to planning:

    1. Who are the racial/ethnic groups affected by this policy, program, practice, or decision? What are the potential impacts on these groups?
    2. Does this policy, program, practice, or decision ignore or worsen the existing disparities or produce other unintended consequences?
    3. How have you intentionally involved stakeholders who are also members of the communities affected by this policy, program, practice, or decision? Can you validate your assessments in 1) and 2)?
    4. What are the barriers to more equitable outcomes? (e.g. mandated, political, emotional, financial, programmatic, or managerial)
    5. How will you (a) mitigate the negative impacts and (b) address the barriers identified above?