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  • Dear Families & Staff:

    Student and staff safety is our highest priority and are the primary considerations as we make schedule decisions. 

    Here are some ways to make sure you receive information about school schedule changes:

    Secondly, we want to provide information about the schedule and communications for weather-related changes. 

    We evaluate:

    • Road conditions
    • Sidewalk conditions
    • Parking lot conditions
    • Surrounding area conditions
    • Building heat/water issues
    • Forecast/weather predictions

    Here is the schedule on a day when the weather is predicted to impact operations:

    3:30 a.m.            District staff drive portions of the entire district to evaluate road conditions

                               District staff check the status of buildings

    4:30 a.m.            District leaders evaluate/discuss the results of the morning drive, facilities, forecast

    By 5 a.m.           Decision made about the schedule

    By 5:15 a.m.      ASD website & social media updated, TV & radio stations notified

    By 5:30 a.m.      Phone call, text message & email sent to employees and families

    If a decision is made to delay school, the maintenance, child nutrition and transportation departments all have protocols in place to prepare buses and schools for safe student and staff arrivals.

    Additional information about weather delays:

    • Though we start the communications by 5:30 a.m., it can take up to 30 minutes for thousands of emails, text messages and phone calls to be delivered. 
    • 50 percent of ASD staff do not live in the district and that’s part of the consideration for evaluating surrounding areas.
    • It is difficult to find substitute staff on days when there are weather issues.
    • Conditions on the hills of Auburn can be very different from conditions in the valley.
    • Sidewalks need to be safe for students who walk to school.
    • If a decision can be made the night before, we will make it.
    • Conditions change and our plans may need to be adjusted.
    • We would rather start on time--we want students in school.

    Please contact communications@auburn.wednet.edu if you have specific questions about our weather procedures or the mass-notification system.