Olympic Middle School

Olympic Video-Spring 2016, before the bond passed.

Timeline: Planned Opening, September 2019

Plan: Olympic will be rebuilt on the existing site while the current school building remains in operation. The new school will be built on the south side of the property. The existing building will be used as an interim school for some or all of the five elementary schools as they are replaced.

Current progress: The educational specifications for the Olympic are complete.  Twenty-eight committees provided input to create the best possible learning environment. The ASD selected BLRB Architects from Tacoma as the project architects. They have started the design of the building based on the educational specifications.  

The district will use GC/CM (General Contractor/Construction Management) project delivery system for the Olympic project.  Using GC/CM required state approval, which the district obtained in January.  The GC/CM contract was awarded to Absher Construction.  Using this model brings more expertise and collaboration in the design and construction of the project. The architect has prepared preliminary designs for Olympic and, once finalized, the designs will be available on this site.