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    2 Weeks: As always we ask that any and all trips be put in 2 week prior to the actual trip date. We will no longer accept trips that are last minute or trips that were forgotten, we do not have the capacity or staffing to accommodate these trips. The exception to this is for High School Play-off Games, what we are asking is that schools put in those trips ahead of time and if we need to cancel or schedule those events, they are already in the system and posted for drivers to sign.

    Requesting a Trip: At the top of the request page is a system message: “Please make sure that all fields within your trip request are completed. If fields are left empty, your trip can be denied.” If fields within your trip request are not completed, it causes our records to be inaccurate. We would also appreciate it if you could make sure that there is information for a Contact Person and a Contact Number. This helps if after hours and the driver needs to get ahold of the coach, in case the driver has had to move the bus or some situation warrants a call to the coach.