Auburn School District Bus Rules

     Auburn School District - Transportation Department

    Bus Rules 
    Bus Rules Students will obey the written rules and regulations established for the safe transportation of all students to and from school and all school-sponsored activities or events and will obey all reasonable requests and directions of the bus   driver.
    Refusal to comply with the written rules and regulations or the reasonable requests and directions of the driver while loading, unloading or riding a school district vehicle will result in discipline under school board policies 3240.0, 3244.0, 3241.0.  
    Rules and Regulations
    The purpose of school transportation rules and regulations is to establish levels of behavior that insure the safety and comfort of students riding district vehicles to and from school and school-sponsored activities and events. 
    • No Student shall be disciplined nor shall his transportation rights be suspended or limited except for sufficient cause and with due process.
    • Only duly authorized school authorities shall discipline or recommend suspension of a student's transportation rights.
    • Nothing in these rules and regulations shall limit the substantive rights of any student except for cause and with due process.
    • Any student using district transported on a district vehicle. Violators may be referred to proper non-school agencies when violations include unlawful acts.
    • The supervisor of transportation of the building principal may suspend any student's transportation rights. All students suspended will be entitled to a fair and impartial hearing per policy 5130.6.
    • Serious cases of misconduct which create unsafe conditions can result in interim suspension of the student's transportation rights. Repeat offenders can be permanently banned from riding the bus by the Board or an authorized administrators.
    • A student's transportation rights may be reinstated by presentation of written notice from the Executive Director of Transportation or the suspending administrator.
    • Prior to initiating action which could result in the suspension of a student's transportation rights for a period in excess of three days, a student and parent or guardian will be given an opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing which guarantees protection of the student's procedural rights unless the student and parent or guardian specifically waive this right. Such hearing and review shall be conducted in accordance with district due process policy, regulations and procedures. (School Board Policy No. 5130.6)


    The following rules and regulations apply to all students using school district transportation to and from school and school-sponsored activities and events:

    1. While loading, unloading or being transported, the student is under the jurisdiction of the driver whose reasonable direction must be obeyed promptly and willingly.
    2. The student shall ride a regularly-assigned bus unless specifically authorized to ride another by the building principal or supervisor of transportation. (Principals will verify availability of extra seating space with driver before authorizing a change in buses and will not issue bus passes for non-regular riders unless “safe seating space” is available.)
    3. Students shall not use vulgar or obscene language or gestures while being transported on a school bus or while waiting at bus stops and loading zones.
    4. With the exception of ordinary conversation, students shall observe regular standards of classroom conduct while on a school bus.
    5. Students shall not be permitted to leave the bus other than at their regular stop without the written authorization of the building principal or the supervisor of transportation.
    6. Each student may be assigned a seat by the driver in which he/she shall be seated at all times unless specifically authorized to change seats by the bus driver or supervisor of transportation.
    7. Eating on the bus in not permitted.
    8. Students shall not throw refuse on the floor or from the school bus windows.
    9. Students shall not smoke or have tobacco products on their possession, light matches or lighters or use any other flame or sparking device on the school bus.
    10. Students shall not open a bus window without authorization of the driver and at no time shall any student extend any part of his/her body (hands, feet, head, etc.) outside the school bus, whether the bus is in motion or stopped.
    11. Students shall not carry on a bus any object which may constitute a danger to another student (sticks, breakable containers, firearms, straps, pens extending from clothing, chemicals, explosives, skate boards or radios/earphones/handheld video games).
    12. Students may take only those music instruments that can be secured on the student’s lap or between their legs and that won’t disrupt the loading and unloading of students, i.e., flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, trombone, and alto saxophone are allowed; drums, tenor saxophone, cello, bass viola, baritone horn, and French horn are not allowed.
    13. Animals, insects, reptiles, fish, or fowl are not permitted on the bus with the exception of seeing-eye dogs.
    14. Bus aisles shall be kept clear of all books, personal effects and belongings of students, except as authorized by the driver, building principal or supervisor of transportation.
    15. Students shall not distract the driver by talking to him/her unnecessarily or obstruct his/her view in any direction.
    16. Students shall remain seated while the bus is in motion and are not to get on or off the bus until the bus has come to a full stop.
    17. Students shall board the bus in a orderly manner and remain within the bus driver’s view at all times.
    18. Students shall cross the highway in front of the bus only after verifying it is safe to do so and obtaining the consent of the driver.
    19. Students shall leave home in time to arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes prior to bus departure time.
    20. At the bus stop, students shall remain out of roadways and avoid pushing, shoving and damaging private property surrounding the bus stop. In general, they shall remain orderly and disciplined while awaiting arrival of the bus.
    21. Students who must walk along a highway to and from a bus-loading zone must walk where practicable on the left-hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic. This also applies to students leaving the bus-loading zone in the evening.
    22. In event of an emergency, students shall follow emergency procedures as established by emergency exit drills.
    23. Parents of students who damage school buses shall be responsible for proper restoration or reimbursement to the school district.
    24. Students shall go directly to and from school bus-loading zones and not loiter or run errands between the stop and home.
    25. Unlawful discharge of a laser in the first degree is a class C felony.