Auburn School District Transportation

    Auburn School District - Transportation Department 

    Bus Information


    Transportation Eligibility - School Board Policy No. 6600

    The district may provide transportation to and from school for a student:Bus Information  
    A. Whose residence is beyond the one mile radius from the school to which the student is assigned
    B. Whose walking route to school is hazardous
    C. Whose disability prevents him/her from  walking or providing for his/her own welfare while walking; or
    D. Who has another compelling and legally sufficient reason to receive transportation services. 
    The Auburn School District offers bus transportation to all students with the exception of students who are on a waiver. Our district follows the bus riding rules prepared by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Washington State Patrol. These are located in the booklet, "Students' Rights and Responsibilities." Teachers review these rules with their students the first day of school.
    Lost items left on buses are usually kept by the bus drivers for a short period of time and then turned into the lost and found at the school. If your student has lost an electronic device, they are usually turned into our office. You can call Transportation at (253) 931-4938.  
    Bus Transfers
    To prevent overloading buses, district regulations state students ride only the buses assigned to them to and from school. Students may not transfer from bus to bus, nor may walkers ride home on buses with their friends.
    School Bus Safety Resources
    U.S. Department of Education - Security and Safety (Tips for a Safe Ride
    Youtube School Bus Safety video - used with permission from Central Insurance Co.