Senior Chromebook Buy Option 23-24 SY

  • As part of our 1:1 Chromebook take home program, Auburn School District will offer graduating seniors the option to purchase a Chromebook, charger, and carrying case for $5.00. This is consistent with Auburn School District Surplus Equipment Policy 6681 which offers students priority in the purchase of instructional materials prior to surplus.

    How will this work?

    • A $5 Chromebook Buy Option 23-24 fee will be added to senior students' school accounts on 5/1/24.
    • To purchase a Chromebook, charger, and carrying case for $5, the parent/guardian goes online to purchase the item. If the family cannot pay online, please visit the cashier at your school.
    • The high school Tech Support Specialist (TSS) will verify the purchase and mark the device as “Senior buy” in the district’s inventory.
    • The student will then be able to take a unit with them at the close of the school year.

    Students who decline the $5 Chromebook, charger, and case, will return all three pieces to their school by June 14, 2024. The TSS will record returned items in the district’s inventory system and report to the school bookkeeper that the $5 fine from the student’s record can be removed.

    Chromebooks purchased by students will be removed from the district network and security protocols following graduation; a district login will no longer be required to use the device.

    Please note, students should observe information regarding Google/Chrome support for the Chromebook model at Google Chrome Enterprise Help Auto Update policy and know that these units are sold "as is."

    After graduation, students will have until September 30, 2024 to transfer files from school accounts to personal accounts. Instructions for Google Takeout are available at "Transfer Your Content".

    Students with questions should see their school's Technology Support Specialist.


  • Will my student be able to buy the Chromebook they have been using this year?

    Most seniors will be able to purchase their Chromebooks, but not all. District policy allows students the option of purchasing instructional materials that would otherwise be sent to surplus and sold to other entities. At the end of 23-24 school year, HP G7EE/G8A model Chromebooks will be sent to surplus. Most seniors have these models. A senior student with a newer model Chromebook wishing to purchase a surplus Chromebook will be sold a school spare that is in good working condition. If a student is not sure of their assigned Chromebook model or wants to check out the trade option, their school Tech Support Specialist can assist them.

    How will students log on to the Chromebook after graduation?

    Purchased Chromebooks will be removed from district inventory and policies following graduation. The process should be completed by approximately July 31. A district login will no longer be required.

    Will Internet filtering still be applied to the Chromebook after graduation?

    District internet filtering will no longer be applied once the device is removed from the district inventory and policies.

    How will students transfer data from student/school account to their personal account?

    Information on transferring files from school accounts to personal accounts is available at "Transfer Your Content". Graduates have until September 30 of each year to transfer content from their school Google account to a personal account. District student Google accounts associated with graduates will be deleted, along with all of their associated data, on October 1 of each year. 

    What happens if something isn't working right in the summer?

    If district policies, login, filtering do not seem to be removed correctly from the device by July 31, students may contact the Department of Technology at 253.931.4940 for assistance.