• 2023-2024 Chromebook/Technology Repair Fees

    A required annual fee of $5 per secondary student is assessed for Chromebook maintenance as described here.


    Unexpected problems do occur with devices that are not the fault of the user (computer crashes, software errors, etc.). ASD Tech Support is available to assist students with getting such issues resolved. Students should submit work orders through their school Chromebook coordinator. ASD owned devices should not be taken to an outside computer service for repair.


    Students are responsible to care for and return school property in good condition. Costs of repairing/replacing damage caused through careless or intentional misuse will be assigned to students/families. 

    Costs for damage and loss are covered as follows:

    • Two incidents total, in any combination, (damage/stolen) are covered per year. The family will be financially responsible for replacement/repair costs associated with any damage or loss to subsequently issued Chromebooks.
    • If a lost or stolen device is later recovered in working condition, the fine will be refunded.
    • Fines for repeat negligent damage and/or willful destruction are listed on www.auburn.wednet.edu/CKfines.

    Elementary Students

    In-person elementary students are not subject to the 1:1 technology fee in place for secondary students. However, if an in-person elementary student has a Chromebook at home for any reason and needs a repair beyond routine service, the repair fee will be $5 on the first instance which is equal to the technology fee for secondary families. This would be in lieu of the actual costs. Subsequent issues will be charged as though they paid a technology fee, according to the chart above.

    All Auburn Online students have a $5 technology fee added each year.