• Auburn School Board's Operating Protocol
    The Auburn School District board of directors represents the needs and interests of all the children in the district, making decisions to ensure the rights and welfare of all students and equal access to public education.  Board members shall promote a positive, working culture that meets the educational needs of all students.  For the purpose of enhancing teamwork among members of the board and between the board and the administration, we, the members of the Auburn School Board, do hereby commit ourselves collectively and individually to the following operating protocol:
    Strategic Direction
    The board is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the district.  The board will set clear goals for themselves, the superintendent, and the Auburn School District.  The board will enact policies to ensure fair, efficient, and effective operations; monitor, not manage, the implementation of plans and policies; and evaluate the district's educational effectiveness.
    Board members have collective, not individual, authority.  Authority to make decisions is only granted to the board as a whole.  Each board member will accept responsibility for all board decisions, regardless of how they voted, and not offer a different opinion outside the board room.  The full board gives direction through policy and delegates the management of the district to the superintendent.  The board will exercise its oversight responsibilities through policy, planning, advocacy, and public relations.  Board members dedicate their time to studying and understanding the issues of the district through significant subcommittee work.
    The board recognizes its accountability to the students, district, community and each other.  The board will address its behaviors by conducting a yearly board self-evaluation and by regularly monitoring the progress toward achieving the objectives in the district's strategic plan.  Additionally, each board member shall take the time necessary to understand the state's laws and regulations; district policies and procedures; and the contractual obligations which govern the Auburn School District.  Each board member shall hold themselves accountable and work cooperatively with their fellow board members.  Board members will maintain independent judgment free of special interests and partisan political groups and avoid the use of schools for personal gain.
    Each board member understands the significance of a respectful, productive working relationship with their fellow board members and the superintendent.  Each board member shall focus on building trust and enabling open communications between each other, between the board members and the superintendent, and with the community.  The board president is the designated spokesperson for the board and will communicate its position(s) on all issues.  The board will utilize the superintendent's input and will respect the professional expertise of the district staff as necessary for the operation of effective schools.  The board will look to the superintendent and the cabinet to make recommendations, proposals, and/or suggestions on matters that come before the board.
    Meeting Conduct
    Each board member shall make every effort to attend all board meetings and workshops and will come to each meeting prepared by having read all meeting information and, if necessary, requested and reviewed additional information.  All meetings will be conducted in an efficient manner following an agreed-upon agenda.  If board members want an item added to the agenda, they will speak with the superintendent and board president prior to the meeting.  Executive sessions will be held only when specific needs arise.  Board members shall be sensitive to the legal ramifications of their comments at meetings and will respect the confidentiality of privileged information.  While we encourage debate and differing points of view, we will use words and actions that create a positive impression of the district, fellow board members, staff, and the constituents of the Auburn School District.
    Lifelong Learning
    Board members shall model lifelong learning and participate in opportunities that provide professional growth.