• Welcome to the Auburn School District’s Human Resources page and our team of dedicated HR professionals.
    Jon Young -  Assistant Superintendent  
    Chris Callaham - Executive Director 
    Jon Aarstad - Director 
    Analia Galloway - Director Recruitment & Retention
    Lisa Connors - Public Records & Compliance Coordinator
    Chalea Zifka - Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent 
    Lora Sargent - Auburn Riverside Strand - lsargent@auburn.wednet.edu
    serving Auburn Riverside HS,  ALE, West Auburn, Mt. Baker, Alpac, Bowman Creek, Gildo Rey, Ilalko, Lakeland Hills, Student Special Services 
    Vitalina Dominguez - Auburn High Strand vdominguez@auburn.wednet.edu
    serving Auburn High, Cascade, Olympic, Evergreen Heights, Chinook, Pioneer, Terminal Park, Washington, Administrators 
    Jenny Huntley - Auburn Mountainview Strandjhuntley@auburn.wednet.edu 
    serving Auburn Mountainview, Rainier, Arthur Jacobsen, Dick Scobee, Hazelwood, Lakeview, Lea Hill, Willow Crest, JPF Building, Newcomer center  
    Valerie Burkhauser - Classified Strand - vburkhauser@auburn.wednet.edu 
    Support Services Center, Child Nutrition, Building Custodians, Transportation, ECEAP, Coaches, Miscellaneous Employees, Athletic Trainers, Theater, Campus Security
    Flor Rivera-Lopez - Recruitment Specialist - friveralopez@auburn.wednet.edu
    Supports Recruiting and Hiring
    Manages online applications, interviews and reference checks
    Student Teacher Placement & Certification
    Raquel Quirino - Substitute Coordinator & Workers Comp Specialist - rquirino@auburn.wednet.edu
    Supports Substitute Services 
    Substitute hiring, certifications and orientations for teachers, para-educators and clerical staff 
    Worker's Comp Claims
    Cindi Battram - Leaves Specialist - cbattram@auburn.wednet.edu
    Our mission is to provide the necessary human resources and organizational culture to support the District’s mission to Engage, Educate and Empower each student.

    Our vision, is to attract, support and retain a diverse and qualified workforce representative of the families and community in which we serve.

    We are dedicated to:

    • Facilitating change and the pursuit of excellence in all employee-related programs and processes
    • Advocating a culture of professionalism and respect for all employees to ensure a highly engaged workforce
    • Taking accountability for human resources operational and administrative excellence

    Core Values:

    • Customer Service: We provide high quality service and support to our employees, ASD partners, and each other
    • Commitment: We foster a culture of responsiveness, accountability and professionalism
    • IntegrityWe behave ethically, honestly and respectfully toward our employees, ASD partners, and each other